kids and teens


wednesdays 6:15-7:30

june through august

what's "whatever?"

a unique ministry for kids and teens

"Whatever" is a unique ministry that intermingles kids ranging from kindergarten through high school in a way that's designed to blur age barriers and encourage fellowship across all ages.

fun games

"Whatever" features game times where teens work with and participate in play with younger children, encouraging and building friendships between them. While games are designed with the safety of young children in mind, the goal is to remove the barriers between young children and teens so that young children will feel at ease with teens and so that teens will develop hearts of service as they work with the kids.

question-driven Bible teaching

The centerpiece of "Whatever" is that the kids steer the Bible teaching! Kids are encouraged to ask Bible questions, from things they are curious about to things they may be struggling to understand or accept, and then pastors Mike and Mark answer those questions in an engaging way. This "question-and-answer" approach has proven to encourage kids to think more deeply about God and has frequently resulted in stimulating, thought-provoking discussion.

asking a question for "whatever"

Questions for "Whatever" may be submitted through the web form below, or in writing on our paper forms. Submitted questions may be answered at any point during the summer. Please note that we cannot promise to answer every question.


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