From the “this week at LIFE” section of the bulletin, update the text in the main text frame of this file.

to prevent confusion, update all of the calendar dates for ticker events

add and remove ticker events based upon what the current bulletin says

all ticker events should be separated by - • • • -

all ticker text should be in the “ticker” paragraph style

when finished, select all the text in the main text frame and use the keyboard shortcut of command-e to export.

export the selected text to html and save into the ticker folder. You should overwrite the previous “ ticker.html” file

upload the ticker folder in Dreamweaver

wednesday evening question and answer series and AWANA kid’s program, wednesdays at 6:30 pm - • • • - “doulos” youth group, thursdays at 6:15 pm - • • • - adult and kids’ sunday school classes, sundays, at 8:30 am - • • • - sunday worship service, sundays, at 10 am - • • • - men’s and women’s bible studies, tuesdays at 6:30 pm - • • • -