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dan bulkley

senior pastor

Pastor Dan has been part of LIFE Fellowship since 1980 and has a deep love and commitment for the Scriptures. And twinkies. He loves twinkies. Kale? Not so much. Dan has an amazing servant's heart and a gift for communicating the Scriptures in a relatable way, and his teaching is bound to challenge you.


mark montgomery

pastor, youth ministries

Pastor Mark came to us from Athlone, Ireland in 2006. Since then, Mark has served as our Youth Pastor and has also served in numerous capacities in our community and helping church members with specific needs. He talks a little funny, but he loves the Lord, and he inspires others to do the same!


michael martin

pastor, children's ministries

Pastor Mike has been around since 1979 and has been on the full-time staff since 2000. He's the really tall one. He's also a huge nerd. But he loves working with children and doing nerdy tech stuff. Mike is also a graphic designer and does whatever else is needed, but he's really just a big kid at heart.


les gilmer

pastor, music ministries

Pastor Les has been part of LIFE Fellowship since the earliest days and has been on the full-time staff since 1995. Before that, Les had apparently been in every business known to man. He seems to know a little bit about just about everything–especially cars. And aviation. And music. Did we mention that he's our music pastor?


leon junk

pastor, seniors and maintenance

Pastor Leon has been part of LIFE since the mid 90's, when he was called into missionary work. Leon and his family served with New Tribes Missions in the Philippines for several years before returning to LIFE to serve the seniors, doing hospital visits, and church maintenance, mostly fixing stuff that the other pastors break. Thanks Leon!


karen sheehan

office manager

Karen has been with LIFE fellowship since its earliest years. She serves as our office manager, which basically means that she makes everyone else appear to know what they're doing. Karen keeps the office running and keeps us organized, and she's probably the one you'll meet when you visit our offices.


heidi martin

secretary / children's ministries

Heidi has been at LIFE since 1979 and is the wife of the exceptionally blessed Pastor Mike. Heidi works to keep the children's ministries organized and running smoothly and also works in our front office. She also helps to bring pastor Mike back down to earth whenever he gets nutty ministry ideas, which isn't an easy job.


amy palmer


After a long career in helping to keep us organized as a volunteer, we decided to make it official in January 2019 and bring Amy on staff. Amy helps to run the front office, the nursery, and our concert events, and we're glad to have her!


cheryl ice

children's staff

Cheryl, along with her husband Justin, has served in the children's ministries at LIFE since the 1980's. Her husband, Justin, is the commander of our AWANA program, which he faithfully does on a volunteer basis, and Cheryl helps to coordinate our Sunday School classes, summer camp, and more.


kim gilmer

nursery coordinator

Kim has been around LIFE as long as Pastor Les has because, well, she's married to him. Kim coordinates our infant and toddler nurseries so that parents can enjoy the worship services. As Kim likes to say about the babies, "we will not all sleep, but we will all be changed."


lance garrett

piano jedi

Seriously, have you heard him play? He's amazing. Lance plays piano with the LIFE worship team and also helps to lead the orchestra. Watching him play is almost as much fun as listening to him, and we are truly blessed to have him on board.


sarah bulkley

ladies' ministries

Okay, she's technically not staff, but she IS the senior pastor's wife, so yeah, she's staff. Sarah coordinates the ladies' ministries, lends her decorative skills to the church, helps to serve meals, and generally tries to make Dan a better human being. She has her work cut out for her.


bill & cheri strong

life Christian Academy

Cheri and Bill are the principals of LIFE Christian Academy, our very own K-12 school. Bill and Cheri have many years of experience in Christian education and operate LCA with a ministry focus and a family atmosphere.

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