new requests and updates:

John Norman: His sister, Anna (80), is still in the hospital from a stroke. Some disability on the left side. Will go to rehab. Pray for a full recovery.

Steve Morgan: His father passed away. Please be praying for traveling mercies and peace and comfort for the family.

continue to pray for:

Bruce Scollard: Continuing to feel better and get stronger from recent surgery. Pray for strength and healing.

Pastor Mike: His mom, Karen, is improving. May be able to get off oxygen at night soon. Praise the Lord.

Linda Montreuil: Her granson, Trent, is in a new rehab facility. Beginning to walk after serious motorcycle accident. Continue to pray for a full recovery.

Don Newcomb: Doing a little better. Pray for strength in his legs and healing for his back.

Bruce & Sylvia Scollard: Their son-in-law, Cory, is dizzy and foggy from serious concussions. Pray wisdom for doctors and healing for his brain.

Dennis Parish: Had emergency appendectomy. everything went well and he is home recovering. Praise the Lord!

Nadine Brigham: Now confined to bed, unable to walk. Pray for the Lord’s will in her life. Pray also for Nancy as she cares for her mother.

Fan Law: Her hyperthyroidism is doing a lot better with medication. Pray it will be back to normal soon.

Britt Baldwin: Recovering well after back surgery. Pray for complete healing.

Larry & Velva Green: Their granddaughter, Dawn, is pregnant and contracted covid. Pray she would recover quickly and the baby would be unaffected.

Ron Brecheisen: Has serious prostate issues. Please be praying for him.

Tony DeLorenzo: Confined to a wheel chair. Pray for healing, strength and encouragement.

Sylvia Stewart: Sister, Eileen, now in a memory care facility.

Jamie Stretch: Her friend, Sue Smith, is struggling with her health and livelihood. Please pray for her.

battling cancer

new requests and updates:

Donna Norman: All finished with radiation treatments. Has some fatigue. Pray God would bring her back to full strength.

Peg Mason: Is out of the hospital, home, and feeling better. Pray for continued strength.

Lance Garrett: His brother, Brett, has lymphoma cancer in the neck area. Will have extensive surgery in July. Pray for healing.

continue to pray for:

Judy Stearns: Feeling stronger with symptoms of covid gone. Pray for her blood cancer.

Pastor Leon: Was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer. Pray for wisdom in treatments.

David Stathis: His aunt, Gloria Coke’s surgery went well. She will have to do chemo starting in a couple of weeks. Pray for minimal side effects and effective treatments.

Victor: Has cancer, will go through extensive chemo therapy.

Tommy Stewart: Prostate cancer, possible thyroid issues.

Lena: Has breast cancer that has spread to her bones. She is not a believer. Please be praying for her and her young children.

Dawnene Baldwin: Has melanoma cancer. Pray for her as treatment is causing some side effects.