new requests and updates:

Greg Lilley: Will be getting his cast off and starting rehab on his knee. Pray his healing.

Mary Peterman: Her daughter, Christina, has internal bleeding from ulcers. Surgery postponed because she is sick.

Baby Quinn: She is 10 months old and still vomiting up her food. No weight gained in the last 6 weeks. Pray for healing.

Glenda Vanalstine: Low potassium levels and edema. Pray for healing.

Ferril Mason: Doctors decided he did have a heart attack. They are still running some tests and have told him to take it easy. Be praying he will be content to rest.

continue to pray for:

Geri Scarlett: Out of the hospital and now in a rehab facility. Pray that surgery site will heal and her infection will go away.

John Norman: Fell and bruised himself severely. Pray for healing.

Sylvia Stewart: Pray for her daughter who is struggling with some divorce issues.

Baby Auggie: She is out of the hospital, but still has a long road ahead. Be praying for her and her family.

Nadine Brigham: Continuing to have health issues.

Jim Ranck: His brother-in-law, Jeff, had a heart attack and is in kidney dialysis and needs a kidney transplant. Pray for healing and wisdom for the doctors.

Ethel Steward: Having serious health issues including ministrokes. Please be praying for her.

Margaret Schulte: Is not doing well and is isolated in her home due to mobility. She is being stubborn in getting help. Pray for her.

Stephanie Brown: Had major back surgery. Pray for healing.

Tom Nunn: Doing tests. Trying to figure out why he has internal bleeding. Pray for wisdom for the doctors.

Judy Stearn: Home and going through knee replacement therapy. Painful. Slowly getting better. Pray for health, strength, and encouragement.

Sandy Duke: Her son, Leroy, is in need of a liver transplant. Please be praying for his salvation and medical needs.

battling cancer

new requests and updates:

Dennis Parish: His mom’s PET scan came back and shows that there is cancer in her lymph nodes.

Marge Hall: Serious cancer condition. Has decided not to do chemo or radiation.

Joy Hall: Has breast cancer. Please pray for Joy and her mom.

continue to pray for:

Judy Stearn: Pray for her son, Danny, for healing from bone cancer and for his teenage son who is struggling.

E.B. & Sandy Mull: Their brother-in-law (92) was just diagnosed with bladder cancer. Pray for healing.

Gaylen & JoAnn Deselms: Their son-in-law, Matt, had an aggressive cancerous tumor removed. Terminal, will undergo chemo and radiation to extend his life. Pray for a miracle.

Dennis Parish: Dennis’ uncle Phil has cancer.

Myrna Worley: Bladder cancer has returned. Pray for her as she faces possible chemo treatment or surgery. Pray for healing.

John Lehrman: His friend Sherry’s cancer has progressed to her brain. Pray for healing and God’s will. She is a believer.

Huisman’s: Family friend, Jazmine (11 yrs) has been treated for months for cancer in her knee. Her family found out she now has cancer in a lung and in a pelvic lymph node. Please pray for healing and for peace for the family.