prayer requests

new requests and updates:

Karen Sheehan: Her younger brother is still in a coma. Pray for wisdom for the family.

Travis Hewitt: Broke his upper arm. Doctors recommend letting it heal on its own.

continue to pray for:.

Mary Peterman: Still in a lot of back pain. Recent procedure hasn’t given any pain relief yet.

Tim Bates: Father is at home after strokes. Pray for healing for confusion and memory loss.

Tony DeLorenzo: Praise! His heart test showed a better result and he was able to get back on the kidney transplant list.

Jerrye Wilson: Will not be having brain surgery this month after all. Her new medication is helping. Praise the Lord!

Sylvia Stewart: Her son, Darren, is seriously sick with the flu. Pray for his recovery.

Greg Lilley: Knee has full range of motion. Pray as Greg continues rehab to strengthen his leg.

Baby Quinn: Home from hospital, on oxygen full time. Has pulminary issues that the doctors hope she will grow out of. Still struggling to keep formula down. Continue to pray.

Benie Ilangala: Home from the hospital after another bout with pneumonia. Pray the Lord would strengthen her immune system and provide for her needs.

Sylvia Scollard: Is doing better with her knee replacement rehab. Continue to pray.

Nancy Kline: Her brother’s wife, Beryl, was hospitalized with a possible stroke.

Mike White: His parkinsons is getting worse. Pray for healing.

Marilyn Harris: Diabetic and having trouble with sores not healing on her feet.

Baby Auggie: She is at home and making slow progress. Continue to pray for healing.

battling cancer

new requests and updates:

Aaron Coates: (Early 20’s) Biopsy shows cancer has spread to lymph nodes. He finished his first round of chemo on Tuesday. Pray he will be healed completely and that chemo will work so that he does not need to have his foot amputated.

Gaylen & JoAnn Deselms: Their son-in-law, Matt, finished with radiation and chemo for terminal brain cancer. It has helped, and he can now drive. Please continue to pray.

continue to pray for:

Dennis Parish: His mother has numerous tumors throughout her body. Pray for healing.

Sylvia Stewart: A friend’s nephew, Logan (early 20’s), has stage 4 bone cancer. Pray for healing.

Judy Stearn: Her son, Danny, is having blood transfusions because of his bone cancer.

John Lehrman: His friend Sherry’s cancer has progressed to her brain. Pray for healing and God’s will. She is a believer.

Huisman’s: Family friend, Jazmine (11 yrs) has been treated for months for cancer in her knee. Her family found out she now has cancer in a lung and in a pelvic lymph node. Please pray for healing and for peace for the family.