new requests and updates:

Jerrye Wilson: Her daughter, Sarah, has an upcoming appointment with neurologist regarding brain lesions. Medicine she is on for headaches is helping.

Dennis Parish: His Aunt, Cherie, has a cyst on her pancreas. They will be doing a very invasive surgery to remove it in at the beginning of August. It was delayed

Nancy Kline: Her son-in-law, Chris, died recently due to a respiratory illness. He and Tina both tested negative for COVID. Please pray for Tina (Nancy’s daughter), Nancy, and Nadine as they deal with the unexpected loss. He was a believer.

continue to pray for:

Masters family: Their nephew died recently (6 yrs. old). Pray for peace for the entire family. Pray for Svetlana and Kenton as they try to be a light to their extended relatives.

Becky Johnson: Now at home. She is improving. Pray for healing and strength.

Financial Struggles: Pray for people who are struggling financially due to the pandemic.

Tony DeLorenzo: Doing kidney dialysis three times a week. Struggling with weakness. Pray for strength.

Pastor Leon: Sister-in-law, Carol, has a mass in her abdominal area. Pray it is not cancer and easily treatable.

Mary Peterman: Her daughter, Christina, has internal bleeding in the stomach. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and healing. Pray also for Mary’s continued back pain.

Police Officers: Pray for safety, protection, patience, and wisdom as they handle these scary situations.

Geri Scarlett: Fell and broke her hip. Had surgery to repair it and was released from the hospital. Pray for healing and strength.

Baby Quinn: The medicine worked to stop her convulsions. Pray for her many other health issues.

Sylvia Stewart: Her friend’s son was in a serious car accident and needs prayer for his crushed foot, head trauma and other injuries.

Nadine Brigham: Is now on home hospice care. Please be praying for her.

Judith Grotz: Is in serious pain from all her health issues. Pray for relief.

Government: Pray for godly wisdom for the leaders and officials in handling this crisis.

Bonita Sichler: Her sister, Bernice, has a continuous loud roaring in her ears. Also pray for assurance of salvation.

battling cancer

new requests and updates:

Huisman’s: Family friend, Jazmine (12 yrs) has cancer that has spread to her whole body. She is not doing well. Pray for a miracle and salvation and peace for this family as she nears the end of her life.

continue to pray for:

Aaron Coates: (Early 20’s) Home from the hospital after his amputation. Is struggling with phantom tingling. Pray for healing and peace.

Dennis Parish: His mother has numerous tumors throughout her body. She is maintaining. Pray for healing.

Wendy Palmer: Her father, Jerry, in New York has aggressive Leukemia. Is doing treatments at home to extend life and provide comfort, but is not a cure. Pray for healing and salvation for him and other family members.

Sylvia Stewart: Cousin, Phil, has recurring brain tumors, but holding his own. Continue to pray for healing and salvation.

Gaylen & JoAnn Deselms: Matt, their son-in-law, has terminal brain cancer. He is doing a little better. Is able to drive and work from home. Continue to pray.

Helen Bolt: Has kidney cancer. Has decided against chemo and radiation. Pray for God’s will.

Judy Stearn: Her son, Danny’s blood transfusions are having diminishing effects for his blood cancer.