new requests and updates:

Ferril Mason

Heart issues resurfacing, has another blockage in one of the smaller arteries. Pray for wisdom on treatment and for healing.

Mike White

Has had several TIA’s, struggling with sleep apnea. Pray for healing.

Shirley Lee’s daughter, Sheryl

Back surgery on December 10 to fuse two vertabrae.

Donna Hewitt’s brother in law, Bob

In hospice, recently saved. Pray for the family.

Pat Glancy

Intestinal issues, testing to find out what is wrong. Pray for healing.

Ray and Karen Sheehan’s daughter-in-law, Pam

Will have rotator cuff surgery on December 17, with a long rehab following. Pray for complete recovery.

Travis and Donna Hewitt’s son-in-law, Kevin

Knee is healing very well. Thanks for praying.

Travis and Donna Hewitt son, Randy

Has a job possibility, pray he gets the job.

Don Landreth’s brother in Illinois

Health is failing after heart attack and stroke. Pray for healing and for the family.

Deb Lockwood’s mom, Ethel

Feeling much better, thanks for praying.

Continue to pray for:

Carol Kirkegaard

In a serious car accident, lacerated spleen, fell later and ruptured her spleen, had serious internal bleeding and had her spleen removed.

Belva Cleveland

Will have hernia surgery. Pray everything goes well.

Geri Scarlett

Continuing sharp pain radiating down her leg, drs. unable to relieve pain.

Rita Beauvais’ brother

Having heart Issues, treatments postponed because of kidney problems. Pray for recovery.

Bonita Sichler

Making some progress with her medical problems. Pray for recovery.

Karen Sheehan’s brother, Bill

Fell, broke his arm, fractured hip, is in rehab. Pray for healing and salvation for him and his wife.

Roni Bryant’s mother

Continuing court case to get clear title to her home.

Marshall Andrews

Tremors in his hand, referred to neurologist. Pray for doctor’s wisdom, and for healing.

John Norman’s cousin, Bill (72)

Long term therapy for a stroke. Continue praying.

Theresa Ranck’s friend’s son, Matt

Still improving. Pray he would make a full recover.

Tony Delorenzo:

Starting the process to receive a transplanted kidney. Pray God’s will.

Kassandra Watkins

Pain issues. Pray she can overcome pain while decreasing meds.

Phyllis Crawford

Struggling with weakness and fatigue in her legs.

Delores Earley’s aunt and uncle

Trying to get on Medicaid to stay in a nursing home together. Pray they can to stay together.

Roni Bryant’s cousin, Bill

Back pain gone, but is now struggling with balance issues. Pray he can see a neurologist soon.

battling cancer requests

Carol Kirkegaard’s grandson, Kanon (4)

Leukemia is in remission, still doing daily chemo treatments.

Priscilla Balogh’s granddaughter, Melissa

Still struggling with stage 4 cancer, high pain level, struggling to eat.

Cindy Soliz’s brother, David

Has cancer in his stomach. He has started chemo.

Shirl Burton’s mother, Shirley

New cancer discovered, doctors will re-evaluate her treatment.

Paul Padilla

Cancer spreading quickly. Pray for God’s will.

Fatih Snyder’s Father

Father diagnosed with aggressive bone cancer.

Linda Hutsell’s supervisor

Has cancer, Pray for his healing and salvation.

Judy Stearn’s son, Danny

Bone cancer, is in extreme pain, doctors stopping chemo. Pray for the Lord’s grace and mercy.

Marcia Pfleiger-Blair

Very slow progress in recovery, chemo treatment every 3 weeks.

Natalie Chancer’s sister, Mary Kay

Late stage bone cancer.