prayer requests

new requests and updates

Marietta Harding: Is recovering from pneumonia. Please be praying for her.

Al Bogucki’s relative, Chip: Had a CT scan and will see the doctor next week for the results for aneurysm on his aorta.

Travis Hewitt: Is in the hospital with pancreatitis, plus an additional infection in the liver and bile duct.

Pastor Leon’s grand-niece, Quinn: still in the neonatal care unit (NICU) at the hospital. She’s not gaining weight, must have surgery in 8 weeks for unformed digestive tract. Possible problems with spinal development. Pray for Quinn and her parents, Natalie and Brian.

Pastor Leon’s granddaughter, Hazel: Is home and doing better, but still on oxygen.

Sylvia Scollard: Will be doing arthroscopic knee surgery in a few weeks.

Samuel, missionary friend of Scollards: has recovered from his venomous bite. Pray there are no permanent disabilities from this bite.

Nadine Brigham: still has wound from her leg bruise. Pray for continued healing.

Paulette George: recovered from her cellulitis, still has serious arthritic pain.

Roni Bryant’s unborn granddaughter: Her bloodflow is abnormal.

continue to pray for:

Bruce Scollard: Knee replacment surgery was postponed by pulmonary doctor until his lung function is better.

Del Davies: Hip replacement surgery went well. Pray for healing and successful physical therapy.

Carol O’Donnell: Doing better, continue to pray for healing for her fractured vertebrae.

Faith Snyder’s sister, Karen: has a bad case of shingles and is in constant pain.

Megan Todaro: Looking for a job.

Roni Bryant’s cousin, Bill: Struggling still with balance issues. Having tests run to figure out treatment plan.

Tammy Hedlund: Kidney transplant, feeling better each day.

Velva Green: Slowly improving. Pray for strength and balance.

Geri Scarlett: Seeing specialist to see if anything can be done for her painful back condition.

Tony Delorenzo: Starting the process to receive a transplanted kidney. Pray God’s will.

Roni Bryant’s cousin, Rich: Pray for muscle myopathy.

battling cancer

new requests and updates

Paul Padilla: had hernia surgery on top of his terminal cancer. Pray for healing and God’s will in his life.

Shirley Pearson: Surgery went well. Continue to pray for healing.

continue to pray for:

Dawn Rohn, Bill Strong’s sister: Cancer is progressing. Pray for healing.

Sharon Cathcart: Cancer found, had surgery and is recovering, has started chemo. Please pray for endurance and healing.

Cathy Campbell’s brother, David: Terminal stomach cancer, no insurance, drs. delaying.

Judy Stearn’s son, Danny: Bone cancer, having transfusions, bronchitis, weakness. Pray for strength and God’s will.

Priscilla Balogh’s granddaughter, Melissa: Still struggling with stage 4 cancer, high pain level, struggling to eat.

Cindy Soliz’s brother, David: Has cancer in his stomach. He has started chemo.

Faith Snyder’s father: Diagnosed with aggressive bone cancer.

Linda Hutsell’s supervisor: Has cancer. Pray for his healing and salvation.

Marcia Pfleiger-Blair: Very slow progress in recovery, chemo treatment every 3 weeks.

Natalie Chancer’s sister, Mary Kay: Late stage bone cancer.