new requests and updates:

Al Bogucki: Home from hospital after a painful episode with pericarditis. Feeling better but needs to get his strength back.

Maleah Gamboe: Had a reoccurence of her post-covid rash and restricted breathing. Is now out of the E.R. and doing better. Continue to pray for her and her family.

Stephanie Tavares: Will have shoulder replacement surgery on Monday. Pray for her doctors, healing, and recovery. Also pray for her other serious physical issues.

Velva Green: Serious and very painful back issues. She is hoping to get a stimulator installed along the spine to relieve some of the pain. Please be praying.

continue to pray for:

Judith Grotz: Foot is doing better. Starting therapy. Pray for healing.

Lori Vowell: Had a serious fall and is in rehab facility. Pray for wisdom and healing.

Sylvia Stewart: Her sister Kileen fell. Pray everything will heal quickly.

Joni Abell: Ankles healing well. Continue to pray for complete healing.

Levi Reiswig: Back at rehab and making slow progress. Still a long road to complete recovery.

Rose Ann Peterman: Has to be in longterm assisted living due to an autoimmune disease. Pray for her and her sister, Mary, as she works to get her moved out of her apartment.

Bruce Scollard: Continue to pray for his heart and lung function and that he will be able to get a pacemaker.

King Soopers Shooting Victims: Please be praying for all the families who lost loved ones in this tragedy. Pray God will use it for good.

Jim & Theresa Ranck: Their friend, Ed Cardinas, has an auto immune disease and other illnesses that doctors are having trouble diagnosing. Pray wisdom for doctors and healing for Ed.

Christine Jones: Her back pain has been debilitating after a couple accidents. Pray for healing and continued growth in the Lord.

Donna Hewitt: Her brother, Dan’s, legs are getting stronger. He is able to get around some with a walker. Continue to pray.

Sandy Duke: Pray for God’s direction for her future.

battling cancer

new requests and updates:

Harold Kraus: Has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and healing for Harold.

Ray Sheehan: Has stomach cancer. Pray for wisdom and healing.

continue to pray for:

Nina Behrendt: Has possible lung cancer. They will do a biopsy to verify and determine the course of treatment.

Dawnene Baldwin: Has melanoma cancer. Pray for wisdom and healing.

April Beal: The girl the Rancks took in when she was 17, has Palpatory Thyroid Cancer. Please pray for her.

Karen Sheehan: Her brother, Bill, has been given six months to live, but he recently accepted Jesus as his Lord, so he now has life eternal! Praise Jesus!

Judy Stearn: Her son, Danny, has quailified to have a bone marrow transplant. Pray it happens soon.

Mary Peterman: Her Sister-in-law, Loree, has serious cancer of the liver. Pray for healing.

Tommy Stewart: His friend, Bob, has esophageal cancer. Pray for healing.

Dennis Parish: His mother, Deanna, has cancer. Please pray for healing and strength.

Helen Bolt: Still dealing with kidney cancer. Pray for God’s will.