prayer requests

new requests and updates:

Nadine Brigham: Cellulitis infection doing better. Continue to pray.

Irene Snidow: Having trouble breathing because of congestive heart failure.

Mary Peterman: Her daughter, Jessica, is doing a little better.

Rich Smith: His Brother-in-law, Buck, is still struggling and on ventilator, but doing a little better. His sister, Diane, may come off ventilator tomorrow.

Melody Sober: Her sister-in-law, Diane, passed away from Covid-19. Pray for peace and comfort for the family.

Melody Sober: Her brother, Doug, is taking care of their 91 year old mother with severe alzheimers.

Rich & Diane Federico: Their niece, Stephanie, is doing better. The infection is not in her blood.

continue to pray for:

Bill Strong: His brother-in-law, Chip, is out of the hospital and improving.

Gary & Freddie Schultz: Their son’s family all tested positive for Covid-19. They all went through the stages of sickness and recovery. Praise the Lord!

Mary Peterman: Still has serious back pain. Surgery gave no relief.

Mary Peterman: Her daughter, Kristi, has dizziness, fever, and a cough, but does not want to go to the doctor.

Baby Quinn: Started having convulsions. MRI showed brain bleed. Found a hole in her heart. She is having digestive issues and vomiting.

Schnabel Family: Uriah, Trista & Kianna all had symptoms of Covid-19, but were not tested. They are all starting to feel better.

Benie Ilangala: At home and continuing to get stronger. Still on dialysis three times a week. Pray for strength and provision for her.

Judith Grotz: Healing from oral surgery, but still in pain.

Travis Hewitt: Broken arm is healing well. Still some pain. Continue to pray.

Glenda Vanalstine: Is out of the hospital. Has congestive heart failure. Pray for healing.

Dave Price: Dealing with heart arythmia. Pray for wisdom and healing.

battling cancer

new requests and updates:

Helen Bolt: Has kidney cancer. Has decided against chemo and radiation. Pray for God’s will.

continue to pray for:

Sylvia Stewart: Cousin, Phil, has recurring brain tumors. Pray for healing and salvation.

Aaron Coates: (Early 20’s) Ran several test this week. Waiting for results to determine next steps. Pray for him, his family, and doctors.

Gaylen & JoAnn Deselms: Matt, their son-in-law, has terminal brain cancer. He is now able to work from home. Continure to pray for Matt and family.

Judy Stearn: Her son, Danny’s blood transfusions are having diminishing effects for his blood cancer.

Dennis Parish: His mother has numerous tumors throughout her body. Pray for healing.

John Lehrman: His friend Sherry’s cancer has progressed to her brain. Pray for healing and God’s will. She is a believer.

Huisman’s: Family friend, Jazmine (11 yrs) has been treated for months for cancer in her knee. Her family found out she now has cancer in a lung and in a pelvic lymph node. Please pray for healing and for peace for the family.