prayer requests

new requests and updates

Tom Nunn: Still weak from internal bleeding, but stabilizing. Pray for healing and strength.

Pastor Leon’s niece, Natalie: Undergoing surgery today for cervical cancer. Feeling overwhelmed with the worries and pressures of new premie baby, Quinn, with complications and husband, Brian, having issues at work.

Joann Hamilton: Still hospitalized. Trying to find a cause for her hand shaking, diziness, and nausea.Stroke rulled out. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and her recovery.

continue to pray for:

Margaret Schulte: Doing a little better. Pray for strength and a teachable spirit.

Joni Abel’s cousin, Sharon: Had a stroke. Pray for salvation and healing.

Margaret Schulte’s son, Ted: Healing from broken back. Back to work with restrictions. Praise the Lord, continue to pray for recovery.

Roger Seal: Had emergency triple bypass surgery on Tuesday. Pray for his recovery.

Sandy Price: Having severe back pain that is limiting her mobility. Pray for healing.

Stephanie Tavares: Still struggling with blood clot in her leg. Pray for God’s intervention.

Don Slack’s Daughter-in-law, Chelle: Diagnosed with brain tumor. Pray for salvation and healing.

Ron Breichensen’s Dad: Had a bad fall and hurt his back and ribs. He’s in a lot of pain.

Megan Todaro: Combating serious health and emotional issues. Pray for healing and salvation.

Nadine Brigham: Leg wound healing faster than expected. Praise the Lord.

Sandy Mull’s mother: Trying to find a nursing home she can afford.

Dolores Earley’s friend, Teresa: Has advanced COPD. Pray for strength, and healing.

Doug White: Diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Early stages. Pray it goes no further.

Tammy Hedlund: Kidney transplant, feeling better each day.

Geri Scarlett: Pray for her painful back condition.

Joni Abel’s friend, Cheryl: has distania, a muscle malady. Pray for healing.

battling cancer

new requests and updates

Doug Holden’s daughter-in-law, Sandra: Conintuing to recover well from a double mastectomy. Pray for healing.

continue to pray for:

Fred Yell’s friend’s son: Has serious throat cancer. Pray for healing and salvation.

Jacob Gabel’s co-worker’s husband: Has a type of blood cancer and tumor in sinus. Pray for healing and salvation.

Paul Padilla: Terminal cancer. Sick from chemo, but still trying to be a witness for the Lord. Pray for God’s will.

Ron Breichensen’s friend, Daryl: Has pancreatic cancer that has spread to his lungs. Pray for healing.

Sharon Cathcart: Still has two more rounds of chemo. Cancer numbers way down. Pray for continued healing and endurance. Sylvia Stewart’s neighbor’s daughter: Has a brain tumor. Pray for healing.

Pastor Leon’s niece, Natalie: Has cervical cancer. Will have surgery shortly. Pray for salvation and healing.

Judy Stearn’s son, Danny: Bone cancer, having transfusions, bronchitis, weakness. Pray for strength and God’s will.

Faith Snyder’s father: Diagnosed with aggressive bone cancer.

Marcia Pfleiger-Blair: Very slow progress in recovery, chemo treatment every 3 weeks.