prayer requests

new requests and updates:

Judith Grotz’s brother James: Passed away this week. The funeral service will be held next Tuesday at Aspen Mortuaty. Visitation at 9 am; Funeral service at 10 am. Potluck reception afterwards at the Life Fellowship Church Cafe. Please pray peace and comfort for the family. He was a believer.

Nancy Kline’s friend, Al: Has a severe toe infection. Part of his toe will be amputated. Pray for healing and no complications.

Geri Scarlett: Has had no improvement in her condition. Pray her pain will decrease plus healing, strength, energy, and encouragement.

The Norman Family: Final adoption hearing is tomorrow. Pray the judge will award Brian and Dena parental rights for Skylar and Azalea.

continue to pray for

Sylvia Scollard’s friend’s baby girl, Auggie: Still in the NICU, but doing better. Please continue to pray.

Robin Langdale’s Father’s Funeral: Will be held at Ft. Logan Cemetery Thursday, July 18th at 11:00 am. Please be praying for peace and comfort for the family. If you would like to attend please pick up important details at the information booth.

Megan Todaro: Had her baby. Now at home continuing health issues and additional personal issues.

Nancy Kline’s daughter, Tina: Blood clots in her leg not life threatening. Pray that they will dissolve.

Sylvia Stewart’s friend, Irena: Needs prayer for spiritual direction and health.

Kassie Hueckstaedt: May have Preeclampsia. She is due to deliver any day now. Please pray for Kassie’s and the baby’s health.

Tony DeLorenzo: Leg is healing, but now has a broken rib. Complications with his kidney transplant. Continue to pray.

Marilyn Harrison: Foot ulcer and infection in bone slowly healing. Pray for complete healing.

Bruce Scollard: On oxygen now. Lung and heart issues. Pray for healing.

Jackie Ice: Still in a lot of pain from knee. Not able to get in to see the doctor yet.

Dan Ice’s grandson: Now in a drug rehab program. Pray for salvation and recovery.

Pastor Leon’s grand-niece, Quinn: Still on a feeding tube, but gaining weight. Continue to pray.

Cindy Burrows: Still having problems with her knee and may need another surgery.

battling cancer

new requests and updates

Melody Sober: Will have surgery tomorrow for the cancer on her eyelid. The next day she will have reconstructive surgery. Pray for healing and no further issues.

continue to pray for:

Bob Bryant’s friend, John Hyduke: Battling prostate cancer. He was told treatment could give him a risk of dementia. Pray for wisdom, guidance, and the Lord’s healing.

Paul Padilla: Terminal cancer. On new chemotherapy causing serious side effects. Pray for God’s will.

Judy Stearn’s son, Danny: Hernia operation in addition to his bone cancer. Pray for healing and God’s will.

Sylvia Stewart’s neighbor’s daughter: Had the brain tumor removed. Now having trouble with memory and vision.

John Lehrman’s friend, Sherry: Stage 4 cancer. Going through treatments. Pray for healing.

Ron Breichensen’s friend, Daryl: Has pancreatic cancer that has spread to his lungs. Pray for healing.

Faith Snyder’s father: Diagnosed with aggressive bone cancer.

Don Slack’s Daughter-in-law, Chelle: Diagnosed with brain tumor. Pray for salvation and healing.