new requests and updates:

Deb Lockwood’s mother, Ethel

Had to delay procedure for C-Diff due to investigating possible heart related issues.

Jennifer Miller

Having some health issues, please pray for wisdom, strength, and healing.

Don Landreth’s Brother

Had a heart attack and stroke, is out of the hospital and starting speech therapy. Continue praying.

Sylvia Stewart’s sister, Elieen

Still healing from broken hip. Thanks for praying.

Sylvia Stewart’s grandson, Jared (44)

Healing well from serious back injury. Thanks for your prayers.

Don (from prison ministry)

Needs place to live after getting out of halfway house.

Roni Bryant’s cousin, Bill

Back pain gone, but is now struggling with balance issues. Pray he can see a neurologist soon.

Continue to pray for:

Jamie Todaro’s daughter’s friend

Brain dead following surgery for brain tumor. Pray for salvation for family and wisdom in decisions.

Jerrye Wilson’s brother, Lynn

Had a heart attact, 6 by-pass procedures, then a stroke. Is in rehab for 6-8 weeks. Pray for healing.

John Norman

Continue praying for his health. As a praise, he has more good days than bad.

John Norman’s cousin, Bill (72)

Long term therapy for a stroke. Continue praying.

Theresa Ranck’s friend’s son, Matt

Still improving. Pray he would make a full recover.

Ferril Mason’s niece, Maggie (20)

Partially paralyzed from stroke, improving. Keep praying.

Ferril Mason’s friend, Emory Vaughn

Has a-fib, edema, and other health issues. Please pray.

Julia Maniscalso’s dad

Fell, shattered ankle, torn rotator cuff. Pray for healing as he may not be able to return to his construction job.

Blane Nelson’s brother, Dwight

Will have complicated surgery to remove mass in his head, putting pressure on brain, not cancerous. Pray surgery goes well.

Tony Delorenzo:

Starting the process to receive a transplanted kidney. Pray God’s will.

Don Landreth’s brother in Illinois

Had a heart attack and stroke. Pray for healing. .

Alana Nelson’s Coach

Had surgery to remove a mass on her brain. Pray for healing.

Sylvia Stewart

Has rotator cuff injury. Pray for rehab and healing.

Jeff Dye’s friend, Eddy

Feeling and mobility coming back slowly following a stroke.

Kassandra Watkins

Pain issues. Pray she can overcome pain while decreasing meds.

Phyllis Crawford

Struggling with weakness and fatigue in her legs.

Bonita Sichler

Struggling with intestinal issues. Pray for encouragement and healing.

Delores Earley’s aunt and uncle

Trying to get on Medicaid to stay in a nursing home together. Pray they can to stay together.

battling cancer requests

Faith Snyder’s mother

Mother has home hospice care for cancer now and father diagnosed with aggressive bone cancer. Faith is their caregiver and is living with them.

Paul Padilla

Terminal cancer progressing, serious pain. Pray for God’s will.

Judy Hendren’s friend’s husband, Rick

Brain tumor, prognosis not good. Pray for salvation and God’s will.

Priscilla Balogh’s granddaughter, Melissa

Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, inoperable, Pray for salvation and healing.

Marvin and Alice Schroeder’s daughter, Cindy

Late stage cancer, now under hospice care

Judy Stearn’s son, Danny

Bone cancer, is in extreme pain, insurance will not pay for pain medication. Pray for the Lord’s intervention.

Marcia Pfleiger-Blair

Very slow progress in recovery, chemo treatment every 3 weeks.

Shirl Burton’s mother, Shirley

Lymphoma came back. She will be starting treatments.

Carol Kirkegaard’s grandson, Kannon (3)

Leukemia, new set of treatments. Pray for healing.

Theresa Ranck’s friend, Sandy

Had breast cancer surgery last month, doing chemo and radiation.

Natalie Chancer’s sister, Mary Kay

Late stage bone cancer.