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Hey kids! This page has a boatload of fun stuff you can download and do at home. This Activity Book is 30 pages and is full of activities and learning. Further down the page, you'll find coloring sheets. We hope you'll take advantage of some of these activities to help make your time at home more enjoyable!

activity book

Download activity book

donkey template

make a donkey sock puppet


coloring pages

Here are some fun coloring pages you can print out at home and color. Have fun!


Scar Force Coloring

Lucas, Luna and JJ


Scar Force Characters

Coloring sheets for Lucas, Luna and JJ from the Scar Force VBS


coloring page


coloring page

J.J. Banks

coloring page


Drive Coloring Sheets

Roy, Dixie and Crash


Drive VBS Characters

Coloring sheets of Roy, Dixie and Crash from our Drive! VBS


coloring page


coloring page


coloring page

Drive Characters

coloring page

Drive Cars

coloring page


Fire Fighters Coloring

Jake, Ember and Bernie


Fire Fighters Characters

Coloring pages featuring Jake, Ember and Bernie


coloring page


coloring page


coloring page

Engine 316

coloring page


Flight School Coloring

Willby, Amelia and Boomer


home activity ideas

Here are some activities and challenges you cn do at home, both for fun and for blessing the people around you!

create a card day

Get out your crayons, markers, stickers, etc. Make a card for a friend or neighbor. Copy a Bible verse to put in the card, and make sure to write something nice for the person you are making the card for. Then have an adult take a picture of your creation and send it to Doc at 303-920-1463.

bible memory cards

Get out some paper (if you have notecards or construction paper, that works best). Cut it into rectangles of about 3” x 5”. Then pick a verse you want to learn. Have an adult help you pick out a verse. Write the verse address on the first rectangle. Then write one word per rectangle until you have copied the whole verse. Turn the rectangles face down on the floor. Then mix up all the cards. Pick up one card at a time and try to put the words in order until your verse is put back together. You can do this several times. By the time you are done playing, you will probably have the verse memorized! You can also race against the clock to put the verse in order. Race an adult to put the verse together in order. There are many ways to make this a fun game.

church clap dance

Have an adult load “church clap” from YouTube. Teach your parents how to do Church Clap. (Parents, it will get your kids moving and exercising.) If you want, have your parents film you doing church clap and send it to Doc.



whistle while you work

Ask an adult for a task you can do. When it is finished to the adult’s satisfacton, take a picture of the task completed and send it to Doc.

make a video card

Record a special message for a friend. Then send them the video you made to brighten their day. You can make it silly.

color scavenger hunt

Get out a box of colors. Walk around your house and find things that are the same color as each crayon in your box. Take a picture of each item with the crayon next to the item. Then show what you found to someone in your family living at home with you.

jumpstart3 music

Watch some of the songs, then email the JumpStart3 Guy (Jeff McCollough) and tell him what your favorite song is. Tell him “thank you” for making fun songs for kids. He’d love to hear from you all. Check out the jumpstart3 music on this link.

count your blessings

Go around your house and tape notes to things you are thankful to have. For example, tape a note to your bed, “Thank you, God, for a warm bed.” Then leave the notes around the house. When you start to complain, walk around your house and read the notes you made to remind you of all the things you can thank God for.

bible story charades

Using toys and items from around your house, pick a Bible story to act out for your parents or brothers and sisters to guess what Bible story you are acting out. You can’t use your words, just your props and acting skills. Take turns with your family members in guessing each other’s Bible story of choice.

recycled art

Save those toilet paper rolls and other recycleable items and create your own unique artwork. Take a picture of your creation and send the picture to Doc so he can see what you have done.

sock puppet

Make a sock puppet. Make two or three... Use socks that have no match. Once you have made a puppet, do a puppet show for your family.

Need some help? Look online at

bible drill day

Okay, we could all use more practice looking up verses in our Bibles. For this game, you need a physical Bible, not digital. Have an adult call out a verse reference. See who can find the verse first. Whoever finds the verse first should read it out loud to everone else. If there is only one of you to play, race against the clock instead.

animal mask

Make a mask of a favorite animal using paper plates or just plain paper. Decorate it with craft items you have around the house. Then take a picture of you wearing your animal mask and text the picture to Doc.

try a new recipe

Look up a recipe on youtube to try to make. Make sure to ask an adult for help. Here’s a youtube video of a kid making breakfast. Learning to cook is a great skill for anyone.

storybook time

Pick a favorite story book you can read. Have someone video you reading a story. Pretend you are reading it to a friend. Show them the pictures, and have fun. Then send the video to a friend. That way you can share your favorite story book with a friend.