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A Loving Church for Real People

Be a part of a family reaching out with the good news that Jesus Christ is the answer in this crazy world. LIFE is a place where you can feel right at home...

115th and Sheridan

Join us for worship for worship this coming Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. Activities for all ages.

Wednesdays at 6:30pm

A full worship service where Pastor Dan is teaching in the Old Testament and a full band and worship music.

Sundays at 10:00am

Pastor Dan is currently teaching verse by verse in the book of John, Come join us this Sunday at 10:00am

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  • Get the new LIFE Fellowship app for your Android or Iphone
  • May 9th Triumphant Quartet in Concert
  • June 17th Brian Free and Assurance in Concert
  • Online giving is now better than ever
  • IABC Conference Aug 2018
  • Watch Live when you are out of Town or cannot attend in person



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evening summer Camp


June 11-15 Register HERE


Welcome to LIFE Fellowship

LIFE Fellowship is a unique family Bible church where the traditional and contemporary come together in a gentle loving balance.

 This is a place where former Baptists and Catholics, Methodists and Lutherans, charismatics and main-line Protestants have joined together to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. It's a place where young people and mature adults sit side by side to study the Scriptures verse by verse.

 In a day of moral relativism and political correctness, you will find LIFE Fellowship to be firm on Biblical principles while gentle in attitude and tone of voice. It's a place where you will hear the rustle of Bible pages being turned as believers check the teachings with our final authority, God's Word.

 The people of LIFE fellowship are excited to invite you to join us in our new Worship Center. We have just celebrated our 5th anniversary of our new 2000 seat auditorium as well as a large lobby and coffee shop cafe. You are invited to join with us each Sunday morning at 10:00 am and bring a friend.





    • Sunday Bible Classes for All Ages, 8:30am
    • Sunday Worship, 10:00am
    • Wednesday Worship, 7:00pm
    • AWANA BIBLE CLUB, Fall-Spring, Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30pm
    • TruthQuest Children's Ministries
      • Sunday, 8:30am, "Kids' LIFE"
      • Sunday, 10:00am, TruthQuest, Children's Church
      • Wednesday, Summer Schedule, 7:00pm
        • "Esther--The Movie" - The children are actually making a movie while they learn about the Bible!
        • Vacation Bible School; watch for next year's program!
    • Sunday, 8:30am
    • Thursday, 6:15-8:30pm
    • Sunday, 8:30am
    • Friday, LIFE APPS, 7:00-9:00pm
  • MEN'S LIFE, Fellowship and Bible Study for Men
    • Tuesday, 6:30-7:30am in the Cafe
    • Tuesday, 6:30-8:15 in the Upper Room
    • Men's Breakfast, First Saturday of Month, 7:30-9:30am
    • Retreats as Scheduled (usually early Spring)
  • WOMEN'S MINISTRIES, Fellowship and Bible Study for Ladies
    • Tuesday, 6:30-8:15pm, no childcare provided
    • Retreats as Scheduled (usually Fall)
    • Biblical Counseling by Appointment by Certified Counselors
  • This ministry offers time for seniors to get together and fellowship through outings, movies, potlucks and other activities. This offers time to grow in friendships and discipleship of believers with an emphasis on Christ.

    • This ministry is an outreach of the church to visit sick or home bound people in their homes, hospitals or Rehab facilities to encourage them through prayer and fellowship.
  • Once a week Bible studies in people’s homes. The purpose being closer and more meaningful relationships with other believers in a less formal setting with a deeper study of God’s Word.

    • Prison Ministries to Men and Women
    • Champa House
    • Helping Hands
    • The Crossing
    • Denver Street School
    • Neighbor Labor, Campus Landscaping
    • Cleaning Crews, Volunteers who clean our buildings
    • LIFE Maintenance, Volunteers who maintain and repair
    • Ireland
    • England
    • Africa
    • Ukraine
    • New Tribes
    • We sponsor city-wide musical concerts featuring some of the premier singing groups in cooperation with major radio stations.
    • Some of the groups we have hosted: Annie Moses Band, This Hope, Legacy Five, Blackwood Brothers, Mark Lowry, Veritas, Jason Gray, and many others. Watch this website for upcoming concerts!


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Consider volunteering for one of our outreaches to the community....

Prison Ministries, Champa House, Helping Hands, The Crossing, Denver Street School, and others.