bible clubs

wednesday nights at 6:30


a bible club for kids

AWANA stands for "approved workmen are not ashamed," and it's the name of the nationally-known AWANA Bible Clubs for kids.

club meetings

AWANA meets on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 pm until 8:20 pm. Worship services and fellowship times are available and encouraged for all AWANA parents during those same times.

Club meetings begin on August 29th and continue through April, with breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

club features

opening ceremonies and praise music

age-appriopriate game times

Bible training

awards for Bible memorization

special events and theme nights

fun fellowship in a safe, loving environment

books and uniforms

Books and Uniforms will need to be purchased for your child for full participation in AWANA, and these items can be ordered when you bring your child.

Most children will begin AWANA with a Appleseed Acres Brochure, StartZone, or StartGate. Once your child has completed this brochure, they will be awarded any materials you purchase.


To defray the costs of operating AWANA, dues are collected from each child in the club. These are as follows:

Dues are $1 per child per week, unless prepaid by October 4th. If prepaid, the following discounts apply:

1st child: $25 for the season (if prepaid by October 4th)

2nd child: $20 for the season (if prepaid by October 4th)

3rd child: $15 for the season (if prepaid by October 4th)

4th child and up: $10 for the season (if prepaid by October 4th)

sick policy

We look forward to teaching your children this year in AWANA. Please remember that if your child is sick, we ask that you keep them home til they are symptom free for 24 hours.

club cancellation

When schools in the area are cancelled due to bad weather, so are the AWANA clubs at L.I.F.E. Fellowship. Many leaders will call each week to remind your child(ren) about AWANA, get them excited, and encourage them to work in their books. If you do not want your child’s leader to call, please let them know.

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