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2021 sermon notes

love for neighbors

04-18 sunday

love for the Lord

04-11 sunday

genuine relationships pt. 3

03-17 wednesday

genuine relationships pt. 2

03-10 wednesday

genuine relationships pt. 1

02-10 wednesday

resurrection of peter

04-04 sunday

palm sunday

03-28 sunday

sphere of opportunity

03-14 sunday

a true shepherd

03-07 sunday

dangerous knowledge

02-28 sunday

blindness and seeing

02-21 sunday

outcast's hope

02-07 sunday

what if the worst...

02-03 wednesday

God's response

01-24 sunday

john 9

01-17 sunday

light of the world

01-10 sunday


01-06 wednesday

while it's today

01-03 sunday

2020 sermon notes

through me?

12-20 sunday

so judgy

12-13 sunday


12-9 wednesday

joy of anticipation

12-6 sunday

dealing with doubt

wednesday series

glory of humility

11-29 sunday

never see death

11-22 sunday

the choice to rejoice

11-15 sunday

active truth

11-11 wednesday

and NOW?

11-8 sunday

hearing God

10-11 sunday

organized religion?

10-7 wednesday

that which gives freedom

10-04 sunday

changing perspective

09-26 rise & shine


09-23 wednesday

lifted up

08-30 sunday

dealing with people

08-19 wednesday

the Way

08-16 sunday

why i'm the worst

08-12 wednesday

walking in the light

08-09 sunday

light of the world

08-02 sunday

when God isn't nice

07-29 wednesday

no condemnation

07-26 sunday

glass houses

07-19 sunday

living as exiles pt 2

07-15 wednesday

foolish questions

07-12 sunday

confidence of authority

07-05 sunday

living as exiles pt 1

07-01 wednesday

Jesus the fulcrum

06-28 sunday

spirit of prophecy

06-24 wednesday

living water

06-21 sunday

familiar vs unknown

06-14 sunday

deceptive appearances

06-07 sunday

control of God

control series 1 of 5

control of circumstances

control series 2 of 5

control of others

control series 3 of 5

lack of self-control

control series 4 of 5


control series 5 of 5

for whose honor?

05-31 sunday

testing for truth

05-24 sunday

john 7:1-13 pt 2

05-17 sunday

john 7:1-13

05-10 sunday

the afterlife

05-06 and 13-2020 wednesday

time and opportunity

05-03-2020 sunday

holiness and truth

04-26-2020 sunday

to Whom shall we go?

04-19-2020 sunday

parenting adult children

04-15-2020 wednesday

He is risen

04-12-2020 sunday

wrestle in prayer

04-05-2020 sunday


04-01-2020 wednesday

giving thanks

03-22-2020 sunday

interceding in prayer

03-15-2020 sunday

no provision for sin

03-18-2020 wednesday

talking to God

03-08-2020 sunday

prayer fundamentals

03-01-2020 sunday

dealing with emotions

02-26-2020 wednesday

life dominating sin

02-05-2020 wednesday


01-29-2020 wednesday


01-22-2020 wednesday

do i have a purpose?

01-15-2020 wednesday

other's needs

01-08-2020 wednesday

2019 sermon notes

the gospel

12-4-2019 wednesday


11-20-2019 wednesday

God the Holy Spirit

11-13-2019 wednesday

God the Son

11-6-2019 wednesday

God the Father

10-23-2019 wednesday

why study theology?

10-16-2019 wednesday


10-06-2019 sunday


10-02-2019 wednesday

Biblical communication

09-25-2019 wednesday

John 6:28-29

09-22-2019 sunday

how to be happy

09-18-2019 wednesday

John 6:28-29

09-15-2019 sunday

being yourself

09-12-2019 thursday

changing your heart

09-11-2019 wednesday

john 6:22-29

09-08-2019 sunday

gray issues

09-04-2019 wednesday

john 6:22-27

09-01-2019 sunday

topical articles

the good news

how to come to Jesus

dealing with cancer

how to respond

names of God

and their meanings

the end times

questions about the end

simple Bible questions

and their Biblical answers

the little things

the danger of "small" sins

knowledge vs knowing

knowing God as a relationship

Biblical communication

building communication skills


what does the Bible say?

entertainment choices

choosing Godly entertainment

social media

a Biblical approach

heart in entertainment

our motives in entertainment


what does the Bible say?

who is satan?

a study of our enemy


is it a Biblical teaching?


questions and Biblical answers

suicide and heaven

can suicide victims go to heaven?

our age in heaven

how "old" will we be?

heaven and soul sleep

do we go to heaven right away?


do they exist?

God's jealousy vs. ours

how can God be jealous?

how to study the Bible

How to study God's Word

false gods

are they real beings?

Biblical grief

how and when should we grieve?

musical preferences

what should praise be like?

Biblical sexuality

God's design for sex

lgbtq issues

what does the Bible say?

what is love?

A study in Biblical love

Biblical dating

What the Bible says about dating